Max Pods are
prefilled and provided with CERAMIC RESISTANCE to exalt the available flavors.

Each pods is sealed, to guarantee the hygienic and practical aspect that characterizes this system. They connect to the battery thanks to a magnetic attack and contain 2 ml of flavored liquid (with nicotine).

Pod System

2 ml preloaded disposable pods.

ONE MAX Pods are single use, with CERAMIC RESISTANCE; interchangeable at any time according to your everyday use.

500 mAh power!

A discreet and powerful battery, but with a unique style.

Small and simple to use, the 350 mAh OneMax battery makes you totally independent. Easy to keep in a pocket or purse, OneMax is perfect for those who seek for satisfaction and fulfillment, without annoying

Currently available in black, green, red, pink and blue . Many other colors available soon.



Choose your style!

Style and discretion for a "pocket" product
with great charm